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The Rane AC 23 Active Crossover can be configured as a stereo 2- or 3-way, or a mono 4- or 5-way. It employs 4thorder Linkwitz-Riley filter alignments to minimize phase difficulties in the critical crossover region. The AC 23 uses ¼" TRS connectors with balanced/unbalanced Inputs and unbalanced Outputs. The AC 23B uses XLR  connectors with active balanced Inputs and Outputs.


The CX2310 2-way stereo/3-way mono crossover features absolute precision, state-of-the-art circuitry, with superior-grade components, ultra low-noise op amps and balanced inputs and outputs. Additionally, the CX2310 provides an independently adjustable subwoofer output, effectively providing an extra low-frequency band, which is adjustable from 10 Hz to 235 Hz.


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