Denom DJ Special Offer

SPECIAL OFFER: Two (2) Denom Turntable Players + One (1) Gemini PS-626EFX Mixer + One (1) Heavy-Duty Carrier Case

Available: Used

Introducing the DN-S1000 tabletop CD/MP3 player from Denon DJ. A small compact feature-rich CD/MP3 player carefully designed to fit the requirements of today’s DJ’s. Whether you’re a mobile DJ, club DJ, international DJ or just a novice, the DN-S1000 is packed with creativity, performance, experience and reliability.

Numark NDX-400 USB Turntable + Mixer + Case Combo

Available: Used

COMBO DEAL: Two (2) NDX400 Touch-Sensitive Players, One (1) Numark M3 Mixer

NDX400 Touch-Sensitive MP3/CD/USB Player advanced, touch-activated scratch MP3/CD player that can also play from a USB flash drive. Numark’s Anti-Shock™ buffered skip-protection technology keeps the music playing even when vibrations might cause other players to skip. Three hot-cue points and a large, touch-sensitive scratch wheel give you the tools to express your creativity.

Gemini CDM-3650 DJ Workstation

Available: Used

Gemini’s CDM-3650 MP3/CD Mixing Console is a powerful and affordable tool that provides easy-to-use track search and playback functions across two MP3/CD decks. Thanks to solid construction, powerful functionality and impressive features, the CDM-3650 offers a versatile, reliable solution for mobile DJ rigs, as well as bar and club installations.

Numark CDX Pro Turntable

Available: Used

The CDX is built with the same ultra–high torque direct drive motor as the flagship TTX, complete with 12–inch vinyl and slipmat. With a 3,000 cue–point memory, ±100% pitch control, Beatkeeper™ auto–synchronization and a wide range of DSP effects, you can make the most of digital music storage without losing the feel of real vinyl. Bridging the gap between vinyl and digital media, the CDX is the best of both worlds.

Numark CDN88 Turntable

Available: Used

Imagine doing everything you can do on vinyl, but in your CD player. The CDN-88 provides real time scratching with true vinyl sound and feel. Capabilities such as +/-100% pitch change and Key Lock (a.k.a. master tempo), reverse play, dual loops, Anti-shock­™, and sound processing give you the technology to be as creative as you want. A built in Beatkeeper™ with Interlock™ function can align all cue points, make perfect loops, and, if you choose, automatically lock both players together on the beat.

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