Numark CDX Pro Turntable

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The CDX is built with the same ultra–high torque direct drive motor as the flagship TTX, complete with 12–inch vinyl and slipmat. With a 3,000 cue–point memory, ±100% pitch control, Beatkeeper™ auto–synchronization and a wide range of DSP effects, you can make the most of digital music storage without losing the feel of real vinyl. Bridging the gap between vinyl and digital media, the CDX is the best of both worlds.



Styled on flagship TTX for Authentic Turntable Feel

  • Ultra-high torque (5.0 kgf/cm) direct drive motor
  • Full size 12” platter
  • Uses 12” vinyl for slip disc—CD controlled by an actual record

Extensive DSP functionality

  • Scratching, looping, smart looping, auto beat matching
  • Beat-synched effects include sonar, slide, filter, echo, chop
  • ±100% pitch control, Key Lock

VFD matrix display

  • Extremely detailed and bright
  • Shows time, advanced wave display
  • Four function modes

Slot-load CD Transport

  • Fast CD loading
  • Front-load slot


  • Wheel Size: 12" Full Size Platter
  • Scratch/Pitch Interface: Vinyl Record
  • Wheel Speed: 33/45
  • Motor Torque: 4.5
  • Drive Type: Direct
  • User Upgradable: Yes
  • Scratch Modes: 4
  • Digital Type: VFD
  • Digital Out: Yes
  • Full time Digital Out with Effects: Yes
  • MIDI I/O: Yes
  • Pitch Range: ±6%/12%/25%/100%
  • Key Lock: Yes
  • Key Lock or Master Tempo to 100%: Yes
  • Beat Counter: Automatic
  • Cue Points: 3000 no CD Limit
  • Live Loop Trim: Yes
  • Loops: 1
  • Start/Stop Adjustment: Yes / Wheel Type
  • Smart Loop: Yes
  • Hot Starts: 2
  • Anti-Shock: 48 seconds
  • Effects: Sonar, Slide, Filter, Echo, Chop, Bleep
  • Slot Load: Yes
  • Remote Start: Yes

Dimensions: 17.75"H x 14.5"W x 3.625"D

Weight: 22 lbs / 10kg


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