The Rane ME 60 is a 2-channel, 1/3-octave constant-Q micrographic equalizer. The ME 60 utilizes compact 20 mm sliders. Two adjustable band-limiting filters add to each channels' versatility. The Low Cut filter has a range from 10 Hz to 250 Hz, and the High Cut filter sweeps from 3 kHz to 40 kHz, rolling off unwanted frequencies at both ends of the spectrum.


Front Panel

  • Power Switch & Indicator
  • Filter Level Controls
  • Lo Cut Filter Control
  • Hi Cut Filter Control
  • Channel Level Control
  • Overload Indicator
  • By-Pass Switch & Indicator

Rear Panel:

  • 1/4" Input Connector
  • 3-Pin Input Connecto
  • RCA Phono Inut Connector
  • 3-Pin Output Connector
  • RCA Phono Output Connector
  • Ground Lift Switch
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